Yokota promotes use of Degassing Pump in semiconductor manufacturing - New sector development

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Yokota promotes use of degassing pump in semiconductor manufacturing - New sector development

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Featured in The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper issued on Friday, Nov. 11, 2005

Yokota Manufacturing Co.
Degassing pump for equipment and food processing
Promotion of use in semiconductor manufacturing
Sales increase in new sector

[Hiroshima] Yokota Manufacturing Co. (Location: Naka-ku, Hiroshima, President: Hiroshi Yokota, Tel: 082-241-8672) is promoting lateral development of its degassing pump which removes gas mixed in liquid used for semiconductor cleaning. In addition to its current pumps used in equipment and food processing, Yokota has been exploring the semiconductor and paper manufacturing sectors. Due to this, sales in the degassing pump sector are expected to rise from 70,000,000 yen on the fiscal year ending in March 2006, to 230,000,000 yen for the fiscal year ending in March 2008.

Yokota has newly set up a specialized department to satisfy the increased demand for the degassing pump system. The mainstream demand has been for equipment and chemical-related use such as degassing lubrication and cutting oil, however, Yokota has bolstered its system in response to the sudden increase in orders related to food production. Accordingly, Yokota is making headway into sectors other than food production, including cleaning liquids for semiconductor and electronic parts, and paper manufacturing. Yokota is aiming for a 50% sales increase every year in these sectors.

Yokota promotes use of Degassing Pump in semiconductor manufacturing - New sector developmen

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The degassing pump employs a system that separates liquid and gas through centrifugal force, removing gas mixed in the liquid. According to Yokota, the system can perform degassing of dissolved oxygen in water (20 degrees C) from 8/1,000,000 (8ppm) to 0.5ppm. Of particular note, is the improvement of beverage flavor and the prevention of oxidation, extending the expiration date.

Compared with conventional systems which pump via a vacuum pump, the degassing pump is characterized by the fact that it can perform degassing by pumping a uniform amount of liquid every minute, and that it can be installed to lines easily because of its size: Standard size: 50cm high, 1m wide, and 2m long.

For details of this product, please refer to Defoaming, Degassing Pump DP, ASP type.
Equipment suitable for defoaming relatively large amounts of liquid is also available.
For details, please refer to Defoaming Pump UPSA type.

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