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Fluid devices explore the heating/air-conditioning sector

Featured in The Air-Conditioning Times issued on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2003

Fluid devices explore the heating/air-conditioning sector, Featured in The Air-Conditioning Times

Fluid devices explore the heating/air-conditioning sector

Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer developing and producing fluid devices, produces unique products which provide solutions to various problems related to water and liquid handling (President: Hiroshi Yokota, Head office: Hiroshima).

Among Yokota's product line-up are various specialty pumps including self-priming pumps that pump water containing air and slurry, instant defoaming/degassing pumps, and clean pumps in which no particulate is generated.

As for valves, various products have been developed which are simple in structure yet ingenious in functionality; such as non-water hammer check valves and automatic control valves that control water flow rate, pressure and level automatically via water force without using electrical control.

According to Mario Miura, executive vice president, the business operation that Yokota has developed for its unique products is based on its newly patented theory and know-how for solving various problems related to water and fluid that meet questions and demands from users.

Featured in The Air-Conditioning Times issued on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2003

Provided by The Air-Conditioning Times

Feature on innovative products such as the Degassing Pump

Yokota's products have been adopted in a broad range of sectors such as ultra-pure water production, agricultural irrigation, seawater processing, chemical liquid processing, and pollution control processing. Moreover, Yokota is enthusiastically promoting the adaptation of the equipment in the building equipment and heating/air-conditioning sectors because the equipment is beneficial to energy-saving and environment improvement.

Two devices in particular with high expectations are the Defoaming Pump, which performs continuous defoaming, pumping, and transferring of bubble-mixed liquid; and the Degassing Pump, which separates and discharges dissolved air in liquid with outstanding efficiency.

As these Yokota-developed devices can perform defoaming/degassing by only passing the liquid into pumps, there are more advantages in the production process and system size reduction as compared with conventional systems.

According to the corporate director and manager of the Sales Division, Masayuki Akiyama, more and more food product industries, such as beverage manufacturers, have adopted the products for improved quality and production process efficiency. Because dissolved oxygen can be removed, which may cause feedwater and steam piping corrosion, or red water, Yokota is promoting the use of its degassing equipment in the building equipment sector for the prevention of red water in piping.

Also, the Non-Water Hammer Check Valve , which provides a solution to water hammer problems with thermal and feedwater piping, as well as automatic control valves controlling constant flow rate and pressure easily and safely are being promoted as unique and characteristic products. Yokota is particularly synonymous with its non-water hammer check valves which are highly recognized and proven in the market place.

In addition, the automatic control valves maintain a designated flow rate automatically with the built-in control function regardless of changes in primary pressure. "Our automatic control valves are autonomous control valves requiring no energy such as electricity because the flow rate is controlled using valves only. The energy savings are a plus compared with competitor products." says Masayuki Akiyama, corporate director and manager of the Sales Division. Yokota has been attracting attention after receiving the prize for excellence in the Energy Saving Exhibition (presently called Energy Conservation Award) in 1992.

Because a total cost reduction, including incidental equipment, is possible with the adoption of Yokota's products, Yokota is making headway into the building equipment and heating/air-conditioning industries.

However, executive vice president, Mario Miura, explains, "Because our products are basically produced on-order, they have less wide-spread applicability and center mainly on innovative products. Since our ideas differ from conventional systems adopted in the building equipment industry, it is undeniable that there also remains a barrier to entry in this market. Nonetheless, we believe we have the chance to enter this market due to the large potential demand and needs. Our strategy is to continue exploring while promoting the features and advantages of our products".

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