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Food Industry Technological Merit Award (Material, Equipment and Systems Category)
Defoaming/Degassing Pump ASP Type

Featured in The Food & Beverage Journal (Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun) issued on Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008

In the materials, equipment and systems category of the 38th Food Industry Technological Merit Awards, sponsored by SHOKUHIN SANGYO SHINBUN-SHA CO., LTD. (The Food & Beverage Journal), the Yokota Defoaming/Degassing Pump ASP type was selected for its technological usefulness in maintaining the freshness of food products. The award appeared in the media as follows.

38th Food Industry Technological Merit Awards
33 Prestigious Entries Awarded
High-end market products prominent
New directions with environment-conscious products

The 38th Food Industry Technological Merit Awards ceremony, sponsored by SHOKUHIN SANGYO SHINBUN-SHA CO., LTD. (restaurant) on November 15, 2008, from 11:00 AM. About 130 people were in attendance including 34 company representatives receiving 33 awards, and the judging committee.
Award presentations this time included twelve awards in the product category, six awards in the technological idea category, five awards in the materials, equipment and systems category, seven awards in the marketing category, two awards in the international category, and one in the special award category.

38th Food Industry Technological Merit Award list

38th Food Industry Technological Merit Award list

Food Industry Technological Merit Award (Material, Equipment and Systems
            Category) Defoaming-Degassing Pump ASP Type

Reprinted from The Food & Beverage Journal, Nov. 27, 2008

Material, equipment and systems category
Defoaming/Degassing Pump "ASP Type"
from Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Introduction of product and technology entries receiving awards by categoryIntroduction of product and technology entries receiving
awards by category
Material, equipment and systems category
Defoaming/Degassing Pump "ASP Type"
Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The Defoaming/Degassing Pump "ASP type" is equipment designed to continuously remove foam, bubbles and air from liquid with the capability of reducing the oxygen in liquid (water) to 1/8 instantaneously. Moreover, with a volume of approximately 1/74, the pump provides space savings incomparable to equipment of the past. This has been a big plus for food product manufacturers looking to introduce this type of equipment, and Yokota has a strong sales performance throughout the food industry to show for it.

From its start, Yokota has been the top manufacturer of the "Enhanced Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump", a pump which conveys liquid mixed with foam, bubbles and air. The Defoaming/Degassing Pump, developed utilizing Yokota original technology, focused on the preservation of food freshness by completely removing oxygen in the liquid (food product), and preventing oxidation and decay.
The main technological feature of the pump is its instantaneous and continuous separation of foam, bubbles and gas in liquids using centrifugal force. The separated air and gas are then extracted via strong suction from a vacuum pump. And a further advantage is obtained from the homogenization and particle refinement of the liquid by simultaneously performing agitation using the rotation of impeller blades. Moreover, equipped with both self-priming and pressurization functions, which in the past required a number of different components, the whole process can be performed using just one pump.

Product development-related story from award-recipient company
Product development-related story from award-recipient company

Product development-related story from award-recipient company
Material, equipment and systems category
Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Practical application of Defoaming/Degassing Pump for food products
Managing Director: Masayuki Akiyama

Created based on originally developed principles aimed at self-priming, Yokota is the leading manufacturer of the self-priming pump, a pump capable of pumping water mixed with air.
At a time in the past when measures were required for the removal of rust from tap water, Yokota successfully completed the production of the "Degassing Pump, Degassing Equipment ASP" which extracts dissolved oxygen from tap water through the practical application of self-priming pump technology to separate air from water.
Soon afterwards, attention focused on the quality preservation and safety of food and we soon became aware of the importance of defoaming/degassing processing of food products while, at the same time, realizing that there was only large-scale, inefficient production equipment available at the time. Our company then began thinking about the practical applications of the ASP as a defoaming/degassing pump for food products, and a development team headed by Director Fumio Nishi then set about designing a mechanism which conformed to sanitation specifications in the food sector. The design focused on the following three main principles: (1) A structure with high purification capabilities and no liquid back up; (2) Simplification through an extreme reduction in the number of parts to enhance purification, and (3) A compact structure. Under these three main principles, designing, trials and other testing were conducted repeatedly on a daily basis.

In regard to the pump's development involving the balancing of the pump's primary functions of defoaming, degassing and pressurization with its sanitation functions, Director Fumio Nishi reflected on a stressful time during the development and a truly rewarding moment to see a customer's happy face appreciating this small mechanism doing just about anything.
The ASP went on to become a product which sufficiently meets the needs of a market vexed with the "bubble" problem. We aim to further intensify our development efforts in the future in meeting the needs of the market.

For details of this product, please refer to Defoaming, Degassing Pump DP, ASP type.
Equipment suitable for defoaming relatively large amounts of liquid is also available.
For details, please refer to Defoaming Pump UPSA type.

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