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Defoaming-Degassing pump "DP type" newly developed
Actual pump to be unveiled at International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition

Featured in the The Food & Beverage Journal (Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun) issued on Monday, Apr. 25, 2016

The food & Beverage Journal

The food & Beverage Journal, Defoaming/degassing pump

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Defoaming/degassing pump "DP type" newly developed
Actual pump to be unveiled at International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition
Maintains flavor/texture of food products by preventing damage to liquids

Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Naka-ku, Hiroshima) released its new "Defoaming/Degassing Pump DP type" in April.
The newly introduced pump comes with high expectations for its ability to also process the type of liquids which were problematic with the current "Defoaming/Degassing Pump ASP type". The actual pump is going to be unveiled at the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN), to be held in June.

The current ASP type pump has a sales record of over 150 pumps mainly with the food industry. It is characterized by its ability to instantly discharge dissolved oxygen in liquids to 1/8th of its original concentration by continuously discharging bubbles and gas in liquids, and it demonstrates high effectiveness in maintaining quality and freshness such as in beverages.
Half of the inquiries for the pump come from the food industry, in particular those regarding dairy and soy beverages. The pump has gained attention by its ability to defoam soy milk and prevent bubble holes in tofu. The pump is also used extensively with products such as seasoning liquid that is added to sausage and ham, where the removal of oxygen makes it possible to extend the expiration date which has become the trend in the industry.

The biggest feature of the new DP type pump is its ability to prevent damage to liquids while further improving the defoaming efficiency. The company's defoaming/degassing pumps consist of an impeller that rotates at high speed to separate the gas in the liquid by centrifugal force, and the gas is then discharged using a vacuum pump. The company points out that the new type pump rotates at about half the speed of the current pump while achieving a performance the same as or greater than the current pump.
By slowing the rotation, problems such as alterations to the liquid and temperature increases due to sheering can be eliminated, thus product qualities such as the flavor and texture of food products can be maintained. The company's aim with the new pump is to call attention to its optimum suitability for use such as with gelatins, jellies, gummies, thickened tofu, and juice containing pulp, as well as its applicability to jams while leaving the pulp intact.

There is a 4-model line-up of the current ASP type pump with bores from 15 mm to 65 mm. There are plans to manufacture a large version of the new pump and it is going to include a line-up with 15 to 80 mm bores.
The company points out that the capacity of current pumps has been insufficient and there are cases in which multiple pumps are purchased and used. In particular, because the manufacturing capacity overseas is overwhelmingly high and there is a demand for larger capacity pumps, the ability to reduce the number of required pumps by introducing this pump is a further point of appeal.

At the FOOMA exhibition, both the current ASP type and new DP type pumps will be exhibited. Additionally, two monitors will be set up to run a video showing the defoaming function for better understanding, and to show photographs of before-and-after defoaming for comparison purposes along with actual liquids.

Copyright for this article is with SHOKUHIN SANGYO SHINBUN-SHA CO., LTD.

For details of this product, please refer to Defoaming, Degassing Pump DP, ASP type.

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