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Defoaming/Degassing while maintaining quality
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Featured in The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper issued on Monday, Apr. 25, 2016

Defoaming/Degassing while maintaining quality
Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Pump for liquid food products

"Hiroshima" Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Mario Miura, President. Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 082-241-8674), began sales of its DP type pump which can defoam/degas while maintaining the quality of liquid food products. Prices range from about 3.5 million yen (tax excluded) for the general-purpose type with a bore of 15 millimeters, and from about 7 million yen (tax excluded) for the sanitary specification type. To respond to a variety of needs, plans are to add pump types with bores of 30, 50, 60, and 80 millimeters in the future.

By the added improvements to the shape of the impeller, the DP type can defoam/degas at nearly half the rotation speed of the current "ASP type" pump of the company. As a result, the problem of liquid alterations due to sheer and increases in temperature has been resolved which enables defoaming/degassing while maintaining the quality of the food products such as the texture.

The company's principle behind the defoaming/degassing is to flow liquid into the depressurized pump and separate the gas from the liquid by depressurization. The gas is accumulated in the central area of the pump by the effects of centrifugal force by the impeller which rotates inside the pump, and the gas is then discharged by a vacuum pump. The company has a sales record of over 150 pumps concentrating mainly on the food industry.

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<b>Defoaming/Degassing While Maintaining Quality ASP DP

Copyright for this article is with The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

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