Multistage Self-Priming Pump

Multistage Self-Priming Pump
USM, UBM, MEF types

High head type with high performing self-priming mechanism

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Selection chart
USM, UBM types

Model number explanation


: Pump type


: Number of stages


: Suction/Discharge bore (cm)


: Head classification

In the selection chart below, pumps are grouped by bore size, and the reference number $-(**) within each group is shown.


: Number of stages


: Electric motor output power (kW) at maximum performance (using normal water at normal temperature)

Orange-colored area shows USM type (with 4-pole motor).

Green-colored area shows UBM type (with 4-pole motor).

Multistage Self-Priming Pump USM,UBM 50Hz

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